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Season 2018
* The Awards Ball 2018 : Sunday May 20th
* Chef Finalists 2018 : scroll down below
We've fully begun the 2018 season: a very busy year lies ahead! In May 2017 our inaugural Awards were held at the King's Hall, Edinburgh. Hundreds of finalists from all over Scotland celebrated at a beautiful occasion.

The Scottish Food Awards honour by year-round ratings and annual awards the best of food produced and served in Scotland, plus the people behind such success.

There are bold new Rating Awards for all kinds of places - from casual, coffee shops, bar food, healthy or vegetarian, for example, to sublime fine dining. And Scottish products of confident quality can soon be identified with a proud new country-of-origin Scottish Tasted / Tested Product Rating.

In 2018 we will be launching the exciting, cleanly-designed new SCOFA app to carry listings and results.

At glittering Annual Awards events for Places, for People and for Products, including the 
Academy's Awards™,
 the industry's very best are celebrated. The Awards Ball 2018 is on Sunday May 20th in the spectacular setting of The Grand Gallery of The National Museum of Scotland.

We judge and assess with experience, expertise and integrity, with the emphasis upon knowing well the key people of each business. No food industry or government sponsorship is accepted, and our independence is a core principle.

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Explore taking part...
The Scottish Food Awards 2017 - Awards for Places at the King's Hall, Edinburgh on May 7th
The Scottish Food Awards 2017 at The King's Hall
The Scottish Food Awards Academy

The Academy
The awards are independent and founded on deep knowledge. 
The Scottish Food Awards Academy is a unique pooling of hard-earned experience from all areas of food enterprise in Scotland. Academicians - Fellows, Members and Associates - elect, nominate, judge and advise. The Academy has around 60 members and includes leading, life-experienced chefs, producers, managers, writers, academics, inspectors and entrepreneurs; an exceptional resource.

Lady Claire Macdonald OBE is Patron and Antony Butterworth Deputy Patron. Our patrons verify the overall structure, qualifications and makeup of The Academy each year. Certain academicians will remain anonymous to assist in their role's confidentiality. At each year's SCOFA™ Academy Awards Ball, members of The Academy will process onstage at the start of the grand occasion.

The Academy directly elects winners of The SCOFA Academy Awards, and members assist in a broad, consultative sense with all the Awards and Ratings.
Academy site: from 2018
Chef Awards 2018
January 1st

in November we began to announce Chef Finalists for chef, cook and kitchen categories to be presented at The Awards Ball 2018 when these leading individuals will be celebrated at the heart of a grand occasion.  We will announce finalists each month (names below), and the list is subject to addition and revision until the end of the process. 

Group 1 Categories
The Scottish Chef of the Year 2018
Elected from these Winners:

Contemporary Chef of the Year 2018
Country Chef of the Year 2018
City Chef of the Year 2018
Classic Chef of the Year 2018
Game Chef of the Year 2018
Seafood Chef of the Year 2018
Hotel Chef of the Year 2018
Bistro Chef of the Year 2018
Casual Dining Chef of the Year 2018
Fine Dining Chef of the Year 2018
Executive Chef of the Year 2018
Events Chef of the Year 2018
Chef Team of the Year 2018*
*Head Chef of the Team

Group 2 Categories
Additional Titles to be Won:

Rising Star Chef of the Year 2018
Young Chef of the Year 2018
Sous Chef of the Year 2018
Cook of the Year 2018
Pastry Chef of the Year 2018
Pâtissier of the Year 2018
Baker of the Year 2018
Dessert Chef of the Year 2018
Flavours of Scotland Chef Award 2018
Flavours of the World Chef Award 2018
Innovative Chef Award 2018
Sustainability Chef Award 2018
Provenance Chef Award 2018
Vegetarian Chef Award 2018
Island Chef Award 2018

Finalist Chefs 2018


These are the names of individuals confirmed to date as Chef Finalists in the 2018 awards. Congratulations to all. We plan to put chefs and kitchen brigades at the heart of these awards. Chefs named below may display the Finalist Chef 2018 logo. We'll happily personalise it for you: just contact us.

Finalist | Current Category/ies

Ashmore, Daniel | Fine
Baxter, Ross | Baker, Pâtissier
Berkmiller, Fred | Bistro, Provenance
Boyter, Billy | Fine, Seafood
Butters, David | Fine, Contemporary
Campbell, Billy | Events
Campbell, Darin | Contemporary, Hotel
Campbell, Graham | Fine, Scotland
Cheevers, Graeme | Fine
, JoCountry, Hotel, Provenance
Cowie, Jim | Seafood, Sustainability
Cuomo, Andrea | World, Casual
Dalgleish, Kevin | Fine, Team, Hotel
Davies, Scott | Fine, Country, Provenance
Dixon, James | Scotland, Hotel, Island
Firth, Deborah | Cook, Provenance
Fleming, Colin | Executive, Event
Forbes, Neil | Classic, Provenance
Fordyce, Angus | Classic
Gibson, Duncan | Country, Scotland, Casual
Greenaway, Mark | Contemporary, Innovative
Hamilton, Billy | Country, Bistro
Henderson, Jason | Scotland, Contemporary
Henry, Jérôme | Classic, City
Henry, John | Casual
Hetherington, David | Innovative, Provenance
Hinds, Colin | Casual, Innovative
Kelly, John | Classic, Country
Kenny, Lloyd | Country, Scotland
Kobelt, Sebastian | Pâtissier
Lamont, Carla | Contemporary, Island
Lavery, George | Seafood, Island
, David | Game, Country, Scotland
Lyall, Colin | Country, Innovative
Marshall, Derek | Seafood, City
Maule, Brian | Classic, City
Mavilmada, Saminda | World, Hotel
McAndrew, Ian | Fine, Country
McCutcheon, Ryan | Rising Star
McGougan, Liz | Seafood, Island 
McGown, Neil | Country, Game
McGrath, Ally | Country, Scotland
McKenna, Peter | Contemporary, City
McNulty, John | Innovative, Country
Meslé, Mickaël | Bistro, Pastry
, StuartBistro, Classic
Munro, Calum | Contemporary, Seafood
Newth, Adam | Contemporary, Innovative
Nicol, Stacey | Cook
, Graeme | City, Provenance
, Javier Dominguez | Contemporary, World
Scorer, Scott | Contemporary, Game, Hotel
Scott, Jamie | Innovative, Team
Simpson, Kaori | World
, MichaelHotel, Provenance
Smeddle, Geoffrey | Fine
Soja, Ariel | Baker
Toomey, Conor | Fine, Rising Star
, Marcello | Fine, Innovative, Executive
Vass, Helen | Dessert

This list is not complete: as research continues, we announce finalists each month, and the list is subject to addition, deletion, revision and refinement until the end of the process. Latest here, and on Facebook.

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